Yard Waste

yard waste images

Yard waste collection is available to residents in the city of Greensburg who are able to take advantage of the curbside trash and recycling services.

Here are a few things to remember about yard waste disposal.

* Leaves, brush, & grass clippings should be placed in a CLEAR trash bag.

* Make sure the bag or bin is clearly marked YARD WASTE. Larger items such as tree limbs can be set out next to the curb without being put into a bag.

* Please make sure that items are set out on your regular trash pick up day and separated from your trash and recycling so that it is easier for those picking it up.

Why compost Yard Waste?
When you send your yard waste to the garbage, it will decompose into healthy soil, but it will never be used. It will remain mixed with garbage forever underground. When you compost your wastes, you can take advantage of decomposition and have fresh soil, mulch, and fertilizer every few months! Not only will you be saving landfill space, you’ll be saving money every time you don’t have to buy mulch!

In Decatur County, our local landfill will not accept yard waste for the above reasons. They are unable to compost the yard waste. Instead, we have partnered with the City of Greensburg to collect your yard waste if you live in city limits so that it is taken care of properly!

For those outside of Greensburg city limits: please click here to visit a great website to learn how to compost at home. IT’S EASY!