Free Needle/Syringe disposal container is available to anyone using medical needles or syringes in their homes in Decatur County!

Sharps ContainerThese containers are free of charge to Decatur County residents and may be picked up from the Department of Health located at 315 S Ireland St, Greensburg, IN 47240. Once the container is full, return it to the Department of Health where appropriate disposal will be accomplished at no charge to residents. Another free container will be given in exchange for the full container for continued use at home.

We know thousands of people are using needles or syringes for various medical reasons, including diabetes, and we are offering a safe way for disposal. The Decatur County Department of Health and the Decatur County Solid Waste Management District recommend using a professional sharps container for storage of used needles/syringes before their ultimate disposal.

The program is a convenient way to insure that there are no accidental sticks of persons coming into contact with needles during the collection and disposal of trash. People have simply tossed the needles away in the trash and often times a pickup person is jabbed in the leg when the trash is removed. The disposal containers will provide a safe way to dispose of the needles or syringes.

Patients using the treatment option of intramuscular injection of insulin at periodic intervals to control blood sugar levels may have significant quantities of used needles and syringes to dispose of safely.

Use of the new free sharps container hopefully will stop people from using coffee cans, detergent jugs or other unmarked or inappropriate receptacles for storage or disposal.

Additional information is available at the Decatur County Board of Health office or by calling 812-663-8301.

Department of Health
315 S Ireland St,
Greensburg, IN 47240