Our History

Recycled Products - Close The Loop logoWe exist to promote and practice environmental longevity throughout Decatur County. This is accomplished through recycling, community education, and reducing the amount of materials that enter our landfills. Together we can work at protecting our earth & our loved ones for years to come!

As required by House Enrolled Act 1240, the Decatur County Commissioners created a Single County District called the Decatur County Solid Waste District. The District is responsible for the management of all the solid waste in the District. The management of the plan is a two-step process. The initial step is to create a solid waste management plan for the next twenty (20) years. The second step is to implement the plan.

The District Solid Waste Plan is divided into five (5) sections. Section 1 contains the Administrative Information. The Decatur County Solid Waste District consists of Decatur County only. The District includes all cities and towns within Decatur County.

The Solid Waste District is headed by a Board of Directors. The Board membership consists of all three County Commissioners, Mayor of Greensburg, and a member from the Decatur County Council, Greensburg City Council, and a Board Member from the Town of Westport. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to create a Solid Waste Management Plan.

The Board of Directors appointed a Citizens Advisory Committee. This committee consists of seven (7) members from the District. These people come from various backgrounds. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to collect public input and present it to the Board of Directors. The advisory Committee will also follow directions from the Board of Directors and propose their own ideas that they believe to be beneficial to solid waste management in the District.